2019 Bikini Resolutions

2019 Bikini Resolutions

Dec 29th 2018

Wow, 2018 was definitely a WILD ride for many of us. With this crazy year coming to a close, we figured to help you get started on your resolutions for the New Year! Here are our some of our bikini resolutions that we know you can easily fulfill for 2019:

1. Get Fitted

This one's pretty simple! Stop into our Honolulu location or fill out our Virtual Consultation form so that we can help you look #bikiniready for all of 2019. Having properly fitted swimwear should be a priority; let's leave the diaper butt trend in 2018!

2. Retire Some Swimsuits

We know it's hard to let go of that favorite bikini top or bikini bottom, but girl... If it's sagging, faded, piled, has a hole in it, it's time to let go. Start 2019 fresh and fabulous!

3. Try Something New

Hey, change can be scary, but it can be exciting, too! Dare to try a new style of swimsuit or a new color that you've never ventured to. At Born of the Water, we specialize in finding swimwear styles that will flatter your specific body type and skin tone, so trying something new won't be as scary.

4. Swimwear TLC

Care for your swimsuits! This way, your bikini tops, bottoms and/or one pieces will fit you properly all of 2019, and then some. If you love your bikinis, they will def love you right back! 

5. Love Your Body

This might be the most difficult resolution for many of us, but it doesn't hurt to start 2019 with a positive mindset! Love your body and your soul, and everything in life will come with ease (especially bikini shopping)! 

Be fearless and fiery this year, babe! We're rooting for you!

Happy New Year xoxo