6 Ways To Wear A Triangle Bikini Top

6 Ways To Wear A Triangle Bikini Top

Nov 3rd 2018

Here at Born of the Water, we encourage our #bowbabes to select pieces with versatility! Why? Because who doesn't love options?!

bikini top1. Traditional

There's nothing wrong with being traditional! This bathing suit top is by La Pearl Swim, and features macramé neck ties that are so cute. What's even more awesome about this top is that it's also reversible (so technically you have 12 different looks with this beauty)! The Risma bikini top is available in four prints: Pineapple, Plumeria, Summer Palms and Hibiscus!

2. Scoop Neckline

This style is essentially upside-down from the traditional swim top! Tie the neck ties around the back, and back ties around the neck.

3. Strappy Scoop

This is basically the scoop neckline style, but crossed at the front to create a strappy moment!

4. Halter Scoop

Follow the same style of the strappy scoop, but tie the straps closer to the triangles to create this halter bikini top!

pineapple bikini top

5. Bandeau Bikini Top

Convert your triangle top into a bandeau swim top! Just follow the same style as the halter scoop, but tie the straps closer to your bust instead of behind your neck!

bandeau swim top

6. Cross-back Style

This look is a little tricky. Both the "neck ties" and "back ties" will be tied around your back. Turn the top upside down, and place the string between both of the triangles around your neck. Then, cross the neck ties in front of you and tie in the back. Finish by also tying the back ties in the back.

triangle bikini top

These are just a few ways to transform your bikini top into 6 different looks! Do you have any other creative ways of wearing your swim tops? Tag us on Instagram @bornofthewater!

Until next time xoxo