Ask Yourself These Questions Before Bikini Shopping

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Bikini Shopping

Dec 1st 2018

If you live in Honolulu, Hawaii, swimwear is definitely an essential. But, how can you make your bikini shopping experience easier? Born of the Water has these few questions that can make your bathing suit search a breeze:

1. What's the occasion/activity?

This question is super straightforward-- why are you planning to shop for a bikini? Are you a surfer who needs a new surf top, a beach babe who needs tan-friendly bikini bottoms or a bride-to-be planning a Vegas pool party celebration? Knowing what inspired you to go shopping can help you determine what style would be suitable for the occasion!

2. What's your personal style preference?

Check your closet. Do you wear a lot of black clothes, a lot of bright colored clothes, patterns etc.? What styles make you feel confident or flatter your body? This can help you to determine what colors compliment your skin tone as well as what types of physical features you can enhance.

3. What do you want to accentuate or disguise?

Not too confident about a particular physical feature? Although we believe you should feel amazing in the skin you're in, we definitely understand that there are somethings that you feel comfortable accentuating, and others you'd prefer to disguise. A cheeky high-waisted swim bottom does wonders for those who want to hide their tummy, while still being cute and showing off assets, or a push-up bikini top can aid in creating cleavage; there's swimwear that can cater to a lot of different needs!

4. How are you feeling?

This might be the most important question. Why? Maybe it's that time of the month, maybe you feel bloated, don't feel sexy, feel like you gained weight... This is where we're going to have to stop you.

You are your worst critic. We can't express how many times we've had beautiful #bowbabes come through our doors and put themselves down once they're in the fitting room. Not only is this mindset going to sabotage your swimsuit shopping, but it's a terrible habit that most of us women do that affects us in our day to day lives. 

Self-love is a journey for many, and we at Born of the Water hope that we can build up our beautiful clients, one bikini at a time!