Our Favorite Things To Do at The North Shore

Our Favorite Things To Do at The North Shore

Dec 15th 2018

Whether you're a local or a tourist, taking a trip up North is always a fun idea! Not only are there so many fabulous beaches, but there's all sorts of cool, historical buildings and various activities to partake in. Here's some of our favorites, at Born of the Water:

1. Shrimp Noms!

Visiting a shrimp truck is a must. A famous place to check out is Giovanni's Shrimp Truck. They have simple, yet bold flavored plates that can satisfy anyones cravings! Our personal favorite is the Hot and Spicy plate, but they have other yummy flavors as well. Oh yea, and the shrimp are HUGE.

2. Waimea Beach Cruise

Waimea beach is absolutely gorgeous! The water is so pristine and cool, and the beach is large enough for everyone to enjoy their space. Not to mention the famous Waimea rock is a huge attraction! If you're into adrenaline rushes, we definitely suggest visiting Waimea and jumping off the rock. Try not to lose your bikini top or swim bottoms!

3. Hanging Out with Honu

If adrenaline rushes aren't your thing, then visit Laniakea Beach to hang out with the honu. Most times, there are honu that are resting on the beach or eating limu in the water. Of course, please don't touch them; admire the honu from a distance and enjoy the beach with them!

4. Shave Ice Treats

Shave ice are always a delicious treat, no matter the season! Famous shave ice spots includes Matsumotos's and Anahulu's. Nowadays, you can get all sorts of savory toppings like li hing powder, Azuki bean, ice cream and condensed milk. Our favorite flavors of shave ice is vanilla and strawberry, what's yours?

5. Angel Wings Photo Op

The instafamous Angel Wings by Collete Miller are outside of Anahulu's in Haleiwa. After you get some yummy shave ice, take a picture in front of the mural to bless your insta feed!

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As always, you know you can visit your favorite Honolulu bikini boutique to grab a new swimsuit for your next North Shore adventure!

Until next time, xoxo