At Born of the Water, we feature Hawaii-based designed swimwear, activewear and jewelry. Our boutique focuses on cultivating a diverse collection of pieces that cater to a wide demographic of individuals! So, who do we carry?

La Pearl Swim

The thought behind the name of this brand stems from the designers perception of women. Like pearls, designer Darwin Ward describes women to be beautiful and unique. No one pearl is alike in color or shape, which makes them rare and one-of-a-kind. With this thought, La Pearl Swim was created to pay homage to the women of Hawaii, and now, across the globe!

The local artist started his bikini brand around three years ago, integrating his love of photography and passion for designing into a synonymous creative outlet. To date, Ward has released a few collections: Genesis, Odysea, Bella and the Genesis 2.0 which are available exclusively at Born of the Water.

Pualani Hawaii

Iwalani Isbell is the inspiration behind Pualani Hawaii. A mermaid at heart, designer, big-wave surfer, and water-stunt woman, this local girl is the dynamic energy of Pualani Hawaii Swimwear.

Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, she draws upon her own active lifestyle as the driving force for her diverse line of swim and activewear. Pualani Hawaii’s fashionable and functional styles are rapidly gaining popularity and success with women of all ages worldwide.

With this line, the difference is the fabric; swimwear that will not lose its shape is vital for every surfer! Pualani Hawaii uses only the finest 4-way stretch European fabrics and the softest lingerie lining. Looking and feeling good in and out of the water is what this swimwear line is all about!

Li'a Hawaii Handmade

This brand all started with a dream... of making beautiful and unique handmade bathing suits!

Handmade with love from Brazil, artist Eliana Ferraz (A.K.A. Lia) makes the most incredible crochet bikinis, each one with a unique and delicate look. Inspired by the ocean lifestyle of Brazil, Lia uses cuts and colors that pay homage to her country!

This crochet swimwear is made to last using only the highest quality material, ensuring comfort, style and beauty. They are super comfortable and secure even for the most daring of sea adventurers, plus it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Coral Swim

Coral Swim is an inspiration from the magic of the Hawaiian islands… the colors of the rainbow, the motion of the sea, the heartbeat of hula and the beauty of the Plumeria tree. This swimsuit line was created for all the ladies who love to explore the world, dream big, play hard, love life and those who are not afraid to stand out amongst the crowd.

This local brand has been wholesaling swimwear and apparel since 1995.

Kainoa Nani Swimwear

The founder of Kainoa Nani Swimwear strives to provide beautifully crafted beachwear to each and every customer. Every item sold by Kainoa Nani Swimwear has the allure of the 'aina in mind! 

The brand's name, Kainoa Nani Swimwear, was inspired after the designer's first born son Kainoa. The meaning of Kainoa is 'Child of the Sea' while Nani means 'Beautiful' in the Hawaiian language. "When I look at my son I see a little boy who embodies everything I love, all in one person...most of all, I love his love for the ocean," says Kainoa Nani founder Jasmine.

Being a mother of two, Jasmine knew the struggle of finding a swimsuit that fit her ever changing body type. Even more so, she understood the struggle of loving her changing body type. Hence the drive behind Kainoa Nani; providing well crafted swimwear that evokes the beauty of those who wear it.

"Being that I spend 80% of my life at the beach or in the water, Kainoa Nani Swimwear is my way of feeling beautiful again" exclaims designer Jasmine, "We as women are all beautifully and wonderfully made, every body type and every skin color, we simply need to find ways to showcase that beauty." 

Bone Jacked 

Bone Jacked was created by Anna Farnantos, and her life long love affair with all things tropical, the water, the real. The creative process comes from the fire within the feminine soul, making us edgy by nature. Bone Jacked is the epitome of a real woman: a woman who doesn’t set the tone in styles, but rather her identity. 

The swimwear pieces created by this brand are created to embrace your feminine fire and realness! Designed in Hawaii, handmade in Bali.

Ao Organics

Chelsa is the owner and creator of Ao Organics, a locally made sunscreen. Being a local of Hawaii, the ocean is a huge part of her life. Now being a mother of three, being conscious of what products she was using for her family was important.

Discovering that many store bought skincare products contained ingredients that were harmful to humans as well as Hawaii's precious marine life, the creator decided to make her own sunscreen! With no intention of starting her own business, many loved her product! With that, Chelsa created Ao Organics. The meaning behind "Ao" is Earth in Hawaiian, and that is exactly where all of Ao Organics ingredients come from: our beautiful Earth.

'Ili Kope

‘Ili Kope Organic Skincare was established in Kailua Kona, Hawaii by Big Island native Natasha McGuckin. Coming from a long line of coffee farmers, Natasha created a way to organically incorporate the family business with health and beauty. 

'Ili Kope (ee lee KO-pay) is a Hawaiian phrase meaning “coffee skin.” All products are locally made, and incorporated with locally grown 100% Organic Kona Coffee and other natural ingredients of the highest quality. Kona Coffee is rich in vitamins and nutrients, provided by the unique volcanic soil of Hawaii. Also, caffeine from the coffee acts as an anti-inflammatory and firms/tightens skin surface through constriction, which can prevent premature skin aging.

‘Ili Kope's facial and full body scrubs can treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, keratosis, dermatitis, cellulite, dry skin and so much more. These scrubs can also assist in fading scars and stretch mark’s. Pamper yourself and start your journey to amazing skin with ‘Ili Kope!

Sea Rain

The story of Sea Rain and its inspiration began in the times where designer "M" would wander the coasts of the Big Island of Hawaii gathering mostly broken seashells. Sea Rain's artist wondered what would become of these shells for each was different, each tainted and seen as unwanted because they are no longer whole.

"To take what was once broken and forgotten and make it whole and beautiful again" is what impassions her creative process. Her brand's name is inspired by watching the powerful waves crash against the black, lava rock coast of her home on the Big Island, when the ocean spray showers all it touches with tiny, glimmering droplets of sea rain.

Each piece of abalone jewelry has this moment incorporated within them with the use of Swarovski crystals and sterling silver wire.

"Signature Sophistication" is what she hopes to bring forward in every piece of art because no matter how lost one feels there is purpose and beauty to be found in you!

Rainbows From Hawaii

Founder of Rainbows From Hawaii, Raylene Dela Cruz, has specialized in fine jewelry design and fabrication since 1994. Her style emphasizes Tahitian pearls and Burmese jadeite. Being of Native Hawaiian and Chinese descent, she has always felt a deep resonance with these precious materials.

Her affinity for jewelry design began in the early 1980’s, when she was introduced to this craft by a fellow local artisan who mentored her through her teen years. Raylene further developed her understanding and love for jewelry design, fabrication and marketing during this time.

With her experience she gained through the years working in galleries, she dedicated herself to designing elegant jewelry and timeless treasures. Raylene remains committed to providing her clients with the highest quality fine pearls and jadeite jewelry available.